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Default Bush Dual standard chassis.

Can anyone tell me if the LOPT in a Bush TV125 is the same as the LOPT in a TV135RU ?
The reason I ask is that I have a 135RU which is not too far from working with a good CRT but is showing signs of LOPT problems. The overwind gets hot after a few minutes and the picture starts to balloon. I haven't run it for long, I switched off as soon as the picture started to darken in the centre so hopefully no further damage has been caused.
The set has been stored in a warm dry place so I don't think it is damp in the overwind but I will try the drying out procedure before I give up with the LOPT.
I have an earlier set, a TV125 which has a duff tube and a few other problems. I intend to restore this set at some point but I wonder if the LOPT is the same ? I could borrow it for the time being to enable me to run the 135RU and repair the other faults.
I know Bush / Murphy produced LOPTs that looked the same but had different windings so I thought I would ask here before I look into it further.
Final questions, are these pitch coated windings rewindable? Would it be OK to just rewind the overwind or is it best to have both done (if this is possible ) .
Any info greatly appreciated!
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