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All of the 'launch titles' for the ZX81 were by Psion, presumably the same company who later gave us the 'Organiser'. Ones I remember are:

Space Raiders (Space Invaders? Included 'Bomber' on the 'B'; side)
Fantasy Games (Two D&D / RPG type games)
"Thro' The Wall" (Breakout? Included 'Scramble' on the 'B' side)
Flight Simulation *
Chess (16K)
Vu-Calc (Spreadsheet)
Vu-File (Database)

Can anyone remember any more ZX81 titles by Psion? (Not to be confused with Psion's Spectrum titles, of which there were quite a few).

The Psion box cover art was to a very professional standard, I suspect by the same hand as whoever did the illustrations on the ZX81 and Spectrum user manual covers.

* The graphics, especially out of the cockpit, were nothing to look at but it was a great trainer for instrument flying and navigation since there was almost zero external detail. I played this one to death and all the basic stuff learned on that one came in very useful when I carried on 'flying' much more realistic simulators on later generations of computer.
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