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Default Re: Trying to revive a Goodmans One Ten receiver

Originally Posted by CrazySwede View Post
Thanks for responding, John!
As I posted above there´s no obvious fault in the sound like hum, static, pops etc. But I feel that the sound quality is a bit muffled / dull lacking som clearness. Bass can feel a bit boomy too.
Was thinking this could be caused by components ageing and going out of spec?
If you compare it with another amp, both of them with the tone controls set flat, then in my opinion, if the Goodmans sounds muffled, then it's good reason to think that there's a problem. If the tonal differences are only slight and some judicious tweaking of the tone controls sorts it out (not lots) then that's probably just the difference between two amps and their tone controls. As mentioned, check out this aspect using different sources, eg the inbuilt FM tuner, a CD player into the tape input etc.
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