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Default Re: Trio (Kenwood) TS-780 2m 70cm Ham Radio.

An update on this. My loft hulk is a Trio branded TS780 and it's working quite nicely on 2m just now. The main tuning control feels lovely, display bright and clean and clear. Some of the pots (especially squelch) could do with a squirt of Servisol.

I'm glad this thread prompted me to look at it because the 3 x backup batteries (Alkaline) had gone into terminal decline and have damaged the battery box, but luckily nothing else, and the backup battery box is just one of those removable plastic trays with PP3 style studs on the end, easily replaced.

I've just sent an email off to the previous owner, who gave it to me initially to fix if I ever had time, but then his interest in AR waned soon afterwards and I never did have the incentive to fix it - as explained earlier there was a suggestion of UHF RX not working due to a small amount of liquid spillage into the top of the unit. Many years ago someone here did post to the effect that they were breaking up a 780 but by the time I found the post the boards from that radio had sadly already been stripped of parts. An opportunity missed.

I'm just making absolutely sure the original owner of this radio has relinquished all interest in it, then I will proceed from there.
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