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Default Re: Various vintage tech needing valuation.

Hi Liam, I live in a 'gentrified/Hipster' area where prices are overinflated. If something interesting comes up, I sometimes restore audio kit that passes through one shop. The following are informed opinions, not predictions ;-)

The TV will not sell in a shop. A collector may buy it for 20 as a restoration project. Transport costs are an issue (ie, it has to be collected in a car!)

The record player isn't quite old enough to be attractive to people wanting a vintage vibe (valve era or older transistor era) In a hipsterish shop the owner might give you 20 for it, hoping to sell it for 75-100. Look on EBay for actual sales, not list prices.

The portable cassette player has little interest except as a curio, maybe a shop would give you 5 for it.

Welcome to the forum, hope you stick around!
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