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Default Re: Sharp VZ1500E Hi-Fi

When I move the arm manually along a bit and plug in it does reset itself so that motor runs however the turntable motor is not being fed from the microprocessor panel and I cannot see what more I can do with this. The supply to this panel is indeed 12 volts by the way. It is so long since I left the trade I think I will just junk it and look to pick up a Dansette or similar which I would be more able to get going as valve technology is more in my capabilities.
I came across this in the attic when having a clean out and have a load of LP's which I fancied playing and this has been up there for about 15 years since it was used.
The radio and the tape deck are working fine but I just thought I would try it before I chucked it.
If it is of any use to anyone let me know.
Thanks for your suggestions anyway.
All the best for 2015
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