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Default Re: How to create a PDF from multiple JPEGs?

Originally Posted by Nymrod121 View Post
About two years back, I spent a leisurely fortnight of evenings (!) scanning a wiring specifications and standards handbook previously issued to Department staff involved in broadcast Equipment Designs


I'm considering 'biting the bullet' and buying a professional program that can do the conversion more efficiently whilst retaining the overall quality ... so JulesOmega I'll be delighted to compare notes when I meet up with you re. the Tek transformer that you've so kindly (and patiently!) kept for me, ahead of my next visit northwards

Best wishes
Hello Guy, I've been trying to complete the scan of a manual that Ed Dinning kindly lent me, in time to take it back for the Golborne swapmeet on Saturday. I finished tonight, having scanned everything at 150dpi. All pages were then carefully edited to clean them up, sharpen and adjust brightness/contrast. All were saved as JPGs at 58% quality except for fine schematics which were saved at 68%. Crucially, none were re-sized.

Then I PDF'd them with Image To PDF or XPS and after a couple of goes got a perfect PDF document. I was so pleased, I made a donation to the developer!

Hope to meet up soon, or I could email you a smaller PDF of just one of the schematics from that manual.
- Julian

It's good here

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