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Hello all.
I keep wondering how a poor lonely little Aussie butt phone found itself in a car boot sale in the "Old Dart"?
Consider that these bits of kit were never sold to the general public. They were manufactured in the government PMG workshop in Melbourne and intended for the use of PMG employees only. In fact many years ago anyone found in possession of one of these was going to be asked some very serious questions by the constabulary as to just how it was acquired.
For many years in Australia the PMG's Department held a very tight rein on anything to do with the PSTN. All but a very few subs phones were rented from the department. There were no contractors other than equipment manufacturers own technicians doing exchange equipment installation. Members of the public were not allowed to touch any phone wiring even in their own homes. This holds true today however most of the work is done by licensed contractors. I guess Dave that your phone somewhere along has been discarded or nicked way back in the mists of history. Quite often this sort of stuff has been accumulated by an employee of said organization and for some reason has not been handed back on retirement or whatever. It is so old that nobody cares any more. I have met storemen that have thanked me for taking something as it saves them from the paperwork and having to throw it in the bin.
The PMG's Dept. was a federal govt. body and covered the whole of Australia but there was another govt. department that had it's own telephone system that the PMG had no say in. The New South Wales Govt. Railways. They had their own comprehensive phone system. and their own methods on Railway land.
It is nice for me to know that I am not alone in collecting butt phones.
I found dagskarlsen's pictures fascinating. Especially the one with the two dials.
Anyway, enough of my chatter for now.
Cheers all, Robert.
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