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Default Re: Can one spray rexine?

Originally Posted by Station X View Post
Why would you want to etch prime Rexine?
For the reason stated earlier - to promote good adhesion.

Clearly Rexine is a finished product not designed to be painted, so I don't think that paint without a primer, would adhere well, any more than it does to other substrates. If the maker's claims are to be believed, it has good flexibility too, but of course, the maker's don't claim that it's suitable to apply it to Rexine - that's just my considered opinion, but only if spray paint is to be used. If there is a product that's intended for such purposes - and it seems that there is, ('Vinylkote'), it seems to make sense to use that, which is why I prefaced my post with: 'Vinylkote sounds like the way to go'.

Aside from that - albeit not relevant to Rexine - I use Autotek acid etch primer or U-Pol 'Acid 8' on any bare surface before spraying a top coat. It's excellent as a primer on repaired Bakelite cabinets, and on aluminium, whether sheet or die-cast, prior to spraying, and it's not fussy what type of top coat is used.

Here are the maker's stated features:

Adhesion to bare, galvanised and zinc coated steel
Also suitable for applications to aluminium, fully cured paint finishes, GRP and most rigid plastics
Suitable for acrylic , cellulose and 2-pack paints
Highly flexible and designed to fill slight cracks and indentations

It's used as a primer by modelmakers, who - for example - build brass sheet railway carriages:
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