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Default Re: Transistor types in Bi-Pak AL60 modules?

Just noticed,

I think I missed the decoupling cap across the supply rails looks like 22uF 50V.

Slight distraction by the Alien technology..
Originally Posted by Biggles View Post
The small disc ceramic across the input (at the bottom right of the board is marked 470M (470pF?)
The small disc ceramic between the RHS power transistor and the temp sens is 3900 (3.9nF)
The large square ceramic just above the first PNP to the left bottom of the board is marked M47 (470nF?) and the small square ceramic towards the mid right of the board is marked 22p (22pF). The first transistor (input) after the 22micro cap is a PNP. I was thinking this is strange but the cap is polarised correctly for that and the amp uses a split supply so it will be right. The poly cap under the temp sens transistor is 47nF.
I have added the cap values to the drawing..I'll post it again shortly,

It would be interesting to trace it against the module..see what the errors are compared to the drawing..

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