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You can plug the PP3s into each other and use one clip cut in half at each end.
I am currently doing just that!
I have 10 fully charged 8.4v PP3's connected to my battered old sky queen, i have the set at an average volume & am getting 79.8 volts on load, the set is performing fine at this voltage, i will run the set for a few more hours while monitoring the voltage.

I was told that the batteries are unused, but individual testing with my Mallory professional battery tester is showing the uniross branded batterys are giving a higher output than the maplin & rs branded batteries, so i am using these.

If you discharge the NiMH PP3 too much, one cell in one PP3 will be flat before the rest and then reverse charged and destroyed.
I will run all 10 through the tester tomorrow to see if any of them have discharged more than the others, what would be a good point voltage wise to recharge them?

The simple and lethal way to charge the whole battery is to apply mains via a suitable resistor and a diode or bridge.
As for charging, i think i will stick with the standard ni-mh chargers i already have!

The main reason for this ht battery project, is to allow occasional use of my four sky queens as they were intended to be, i.e. portable

I have thought about stripping out some original batterys i have (see photo) & fitting 10 poundshop specials, but i cant bring myself to destroy them!
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