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Default 90V HT Battery.

I have been given a quantity of ni-mh rechargeable batterys, mostly 200ma PP3's.
After giving a few a charge, they seem to be fine, so i have decided to put them to good use by making an ht battery, this brings up a couple of problems, 10 batteries will give me 84 volts, 11 will be 92.4v, so either side of the 90v required.

The second problem is charging them, i have three chargers that take two PP3's each, so i can charge six at a time, but this is going to be a pain, but i cant think of an alternative

I want to construct a simple wooden box with a hinged lid equipped with copper strips to connect all batteries in series, rather than using a load of battery clips, as i think this will be a neat solution & will allow easy access to the batterys.

Any thoughts?

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