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Default Re: Home made Tefi cartridge slip cases

Sometimes the paper feed can be a bit inaccurate. Maybe you can print an image and then decide exactly where to cut and fold afterwards.

I have scanned documents to a file and then printed the file. Usually the result is a bit smaller than the original as the printer driver insists on adding a border around the image. I don't know whether you can play around with the printer driver parameters to overcome that. The best way I have found of getting the copy to be the correct size is to use the printer as a copier. If you have an accurate original just put it on the scanner and do a high quality colour copy.

I have loads of Tefi cassettes but unfortunately none with cases to use as original. The Tefifon was an interesting device with audio quality somewhere between shellac and vinyl records. The main problem with it was that all the big artists of the day already had contracts with record companies so Tefi couldn't get any artists that anyone wanted to listen to.

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