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Default Gwent Electronic Services...?


This is total long shot… however its worth a punt. Hopefully it’s not off topic!

I’ve a Fender amp to restore, which I got from a friend, and it has a ‘serviced by label’ from a company Called: Gwent Electronic Services, 1 Gloster Place, Newport, Gwent in the bottom of the cabinet.

This label dates back to 17/7/1978 so it’s a mighty long time ago at 44 years… Question is: Does anyone remember Gwent Electronic Services. I suppose I’m just curious when I see a label like this.

I did look at 1 Gloster Place on Google maps and found what I recon to have been a shop of some sort.

My friend Barry, the Guitarist in the Hamsters, who I recently bought this amplifier from, bought this amplifier from a musician in the Cardiff area in 1990.

At a tangent the name: PARLOUR BAND is stencilled on the bottom of the amplifier. I’ve found very little on this band, however I found they did one, now, very collectable, album in 1972 and after changing their name to A Band Called "O" eventually disbanding in 1977 – I figure this is when the owner, based in the Cardiff area, took possession of this amplifier.

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