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Hi Peeps...... HELP !!! Please
My first FT290 is now in a good place... as in.. it works well in both modes. However, there was one on Ebay which was a "reserve".. just in case my primary radio needed parts. It was bought as.. "Spares or repair". Well, as I had success with my first I decided that "repair" was a possibility.
The controls function and the display is in good condition. The 10.81 Mhz I.F strip on RX is comparable with Set one. What appears to be wrong is the VFO is operating at approx - 6 Mhz below carrier than -10.81 Mhz. And there is no frequency shift with the set frequency control.
I looked at the alignment procedure for the VFO and there is no change in the L/O frequency when adjusting the 18.74 Mhz oscillator as per the manual. Set one confirms a fault. I compared all the voltages on the connectors of both modules (front panel) and all seem ok.
Obviously the PLL is sick.... has anyone out there had any experience with the uPD2819 PLL going faulty.
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