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Default Yaesu FT290

Hi peeps. I acquired a Yaesu FT290 recently, and have done a few changes both on Rx and Tx stages.
However, I would like to add a speech processor / compressor in the Mike casing. I have plenty of SMD SSM2165 vogad devices, and I would prefer an electret mike module.
The problem is the Mike connector is a 7pin plug / socket.I need + V for the vogad / mike supply. I really do not want to change the socket to an 8 pin, have you seen it ?? Has any of our members done such a mod and how did they go about it ?
I could disable one of the push switches as in + /- channel change or the FST button, and it may come to that unless someone has a better idea.
Thanks in anticipation
Should get out more.

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