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Default Re: Wireless World calculator project

Wireless World calculator.
Originally published in WW September and October 1972; as a joint project with Advance Instruments. It was based upon the Texas TMS18082 I.C. introduced in 1971, so they were quick off the mark.
It became the Advance 162 series of calculators. I used them at one time and quite liked them. The top of the range was programmable, but less versatile than the HP models, which were aimed at the scientific / academic market.
They were aimed more at the office and desk top market, for which the large keyboard was very convenient. The Sinclair was a pocket calculator for you to carry around, s different market again.
I have the di-azo circuit diagrams of most of the models produced. The reliability was not as high as was really needed for the commercial market, and Advance withdrew them after a couple of years.
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