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I've just plugged the '81 in to the crt and the picture is immediately distorted. This is from cold. It seemed to be working perfectly last night. I haven't moved the unit but simply plugged it in.

I've now sprayed components. I have to say I couldn't see any discernible difference. I switched off the unit.

After about 10 minutes I plugged it in again and the '81 sprang to life. I loaded a games and set it running continuously. After about 1hr and 10mins of continuous use the '81 rebooted for no reason and froze. I unlugged the unit and it began this rebooting cycle before finally emitting a distorted video.

I sprayed the ULA and instantly the video was back to normal. I'm leaving it on again now to see what happens for another hour.

The strange this is though, it gave a distorted video right from cold this morning. However, it does seem to be a fauly ULA.
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