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Default Re: Grundig A 7400 (CUC220)

Thanks again for all the messages and advice

I've removed the Backup Battery from the Tuning Module, sadly it has caused a lot of damage when it leaked However I've managed to clean it all up and repair the damaged traces. They might not look pretty but they all check for continuity Perhaps at some point a spare Tuning Module Board would be handy if anyone happens to have spares for one of these sets?

I do have a complete spare chassis coming that I purchased online, however I've noticed the tuning module on that chassis appears different, rather than the backup battery it has a chip instead, perhaps a non pal chassis?
My Tuning Module is 29504-003.02 but the service manual also lists a 29504-003.01

With regards to spare parts, does anyone know the part number for the Tripler, If I could get my hands on a spare that would be very handy indeed?

Wiring a din for use of the AV socket with a dvd player would be great, I'll have to look up the pin out's

I've also got a Grundig V2000 VCR aswell that I'm sure has a 4 pin din cable to the tv for controlling the recorder with the same remote?

Best Wishes, Andy
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