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Default Re: Grundig A 7400 (CUC220)

Originally Posted by andyw25 View Post
Many thanks for the comments so far, I have found and bought/downloaded the service manual

Also checked the photos again and the battery adapter does appear to have a diode on the bottom ?

However I've found some replacement 1.2v NiCd ones, these should last a good few years should they not?
NiCd's have generally been phased out now.
And PCB-mount 2.4V / 3.6V etc. backup ones, were replaced by NiMH ones many years ago that seem less-prone to leakage (maybe as not as old), so may be preferred.

Although standard NiMH self-discharge may not be as good as other ones -particularly Low-Self Discharge NiMH cells (but haven't seen these in types other than standard AA, AA etc. types)
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