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Default Re: Anyone have a time machine I could borrow?

Originally Posted by wd40addict View Post
Knowing of my interests a colleague told me his mother-in-law had a large collection of 78s that had belonged to her late husband. Trouble was they'd been stored away for many years in a shed with a leaky roof. He brought a couple of discs for me to play, but the condition and surface noise were appalling. There was sadly no point in trying to rescue any more of the discs.
Did you try to wash them? I bought a collection of old 78s at a local flea market. The seller had bought an old derelict house and found them in the barn. They were covered with dirt and mouse droppings and had been leaked on. When I gave them a good wash they came up almost mint. Turned out to be a collection of 1950s French jazz. Fantastic

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