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Default Re: MF/HF Receiver type R/75/WRDV/3550

Originally Posted by Julesomega View Post
In answer to my earlier question about CV valve types, cruisinradio tells me that CV4055 is 6132 and CV4058 is M8080

Another interesting feature of the construction is the tuning lock lever, which confirms it being intended for a marine environment. I still haven't worked out the 1st IF or the 2nd conversion osc, but I presume that's a little bandstop filter at the aerial input to the tuning circuits which will reject the 1st IF

There is a crystal unit, unfortunately with no xtal on mine, but it seems to provide a single crystal channel which would have to be tuned manually by the bandswitch and tuning control

I think the tagstrips are rather cute but I hope they will withstand careful component replacements

Does anyone have a picture of the associated PSU?
So far as I can make out, the filter L9 (FL1) in the antenna circuit is for the 2nd IF and the filter L19 (FL2) for the 1st IF is between the the RF amp and the 1st mixer.

A book of words about the preliminary technical information is in the link below, includes alignment info, schematics etc:


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