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Default MF/HF Receiver type R/75/WRDV/3550

Following a radio swap this week I now have another unknown comms receiver to investigate. First question is to identify the manufacturer, and it looks like a Plessey to me. The name plate shows the year of manufacture as 1963, which is just as well since there's nothing else to go on. I am assuming that the last line on the nameplate is the type number.

First thing to note is the interesting frequency coverage, 55 to 31,000kHz continuous. This would have to be dual conversion on the HF ranges, and I suspect that a couple of the larger pentodes are the conversion oscillators, but I do not recognise the CV numbers. Radiomuseum can help with CV4007 = 6AL5W and another online table shows CV4015 = 6065 but what are CV4016, CV4055 and CV4058 ?

The tuning gang has 4 sections mounted on a ceramic shaft but there are two different sizes, as might be appropriate for better bandspread on HF. I shall have to power it up to ascertain the 1st IF but there is a 460kHz crystal filter for the 2nd

Other points to Plessey manufacture are the only external power and output connections being made through a Plessey connector on the front panel (apart form aerial and phones) and Plessey metal cased capacitors throughout

The tagstrips are mounted on black phenolic rods, which again may point to a particular manufacturer. The knob construction is superb, no grub screws or collets to seize up, just a phenolic stopper with a shilling-piece slot which releases the knob from a curious flanged carrier clamped to the shaft.

What is the antenna connector type?
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