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Default Re: Tottenham Wireless Society

Thanks Nick for that info.
Further internet research has revealed an article in the BVWS's Bulletin dated Dec 1981 - Vol.6 No3. about RADION's valve manufacturing & the Pattison family in Bollington nr Macclesfield, Cheshire in the 1920's. I guess this shouldn't be confused with the American Ebonite product.
I'd just like to zero in on who was making early test equipment for the wireless fraternity back in the 1920's.
Cant find any gen in my third edition of Radio! Radio!, nor in my 2001 edition of Tickling the Crystal. I've a Scott-Taggart book & some other 1920's wireless books, so will delve into them.
Perhaps those guys in Bruce Grove back in 1922 were serious innovators & went on to manufacture bespoke early test equipment.

Regards, David
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