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Default Bush TR106GL

Hi there, When I was a spotty teenager back in the sixties, I had a bush TR116 that I had great fun with. Unfortunately, I left my radio at my parents home after I left to go into big wide world and it got damaged and thrown away. For some time now, I have been been looking for out for a TR116 to add to my small collection of sixties transistor radios. Last week I found a TR106GL which has a similar look, but without short wave. The radio was complete, but filthy. A strip down and good clean had it looking great except for slight yellowing of the plastic. Now, this is where I need a little help. The radio basically works , but is somewhat unstable with distorted audio on strong signals. I get the impression that the problem is with the IF stage because SLIGHT adjustment to the IF transformers do effect the audio. Can anyone point me in direction of a circuit diagram please or give me any pointers. I have a DMM and scope for test gear but not a signal generator. Thanks - Dave
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