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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

I feel like my brain has been fried! After 3 hours of buggering about on the computer, I think I've achieved something!!

Firstly, on powering up the FPGA board, all three LED's do flash in unison, so presumably that indicates that the FPGA is fairly functional?

Trying to download the programmer software, unsurprisingly, it wanted me to create an account. I did that and activated it, but it then wouldn't let me sign in saying 'connection insecure'!

Clicking the link on Frank's website brought me back to the Quartus site whereupon it would let me download the software but showed me as not logged in! All a bit strange.

Once downloaded, trying to work out how to actually install it took some searching on Google and some considerable time!!

I then managed to find the 'PGMW' file and clicked on that. After some more messing about, I got the 'no hardware' box to find the blaster and the 'add file' box to display the .jic file from Frank's site.

So how do I get the thing to actually program the FPGA?

I have the screen shown below, but can't see any options to transfer the program to the chip. The FPGA board & blaster are all connected and the three LED's are flashing in unison.

So what is the next step?

Many thanks
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