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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

Hi Nick
To answer your questions in post 72

1) you will need to power up the FPGA board from an external 5V source and not have it installed in the Hedghog PCB to do the LED test and also to programme it. Although the LED's flashing in unison may work. I haven't tried it.

2) It is not used in Hedghog. A quick look at the FPGA board diagram would suggest it is just a push switch and not a reset switch

3)To program use the JTAG socket and power the FPGA board from an extremal 5V source.

Post 73


On the download page untick everything except "Quartus II Programmer and Signal Tap II" and install it.
I don't believe that you need anything more when you are only programming.
I cant say this for absolute sure as everything was already installed on my computer before I tried this. But I am fairly certain about it.

When installed follow the path on your computer to get to the application:


Or in other words:

Drive C
Then folder altera
Then folder 13.0sp1
Then folder qprogrammer
Then folder bin

and click on the application quartus_pgmw.exe

Hope that makes since.

I have it installed on a windows PC. The path may be different on a Linux machine.

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