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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

So here goes with the first round of questions!

"The FPGA board comes programed with a small program that makes the on board LED's D5, D4 and D2 flash in unison. When programed with the Hedghog program the three LED's flash but at different frequencies to each other. When installed in the Hedghog PCB this feature is disabled with the three LED's off."

1) If the FPGA board is powered up via the on board socket (5V I assume?), Will the led's flash in unison? Can this be used to check whether the board basically works?

2) What does the little push switch do on the board? Reset?

3) When programming, which socket does the blaster connect to? Does it also need to be powered via the on board power socket? Or does it get it's power from the blaster/ USB lead?

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