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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

Well, most surprisingly, the FPGA & blaster turned up today! I only ordered it 10 days ago- how do they do that!!

My first foray into surface mount assembly has gone remarkably well. I started with the resistors & other 0805 bits just to develop my technique. Not having a bench magnifier (you don't need one for valve TV's!), parts were placed & soldered and then checked with a watchmakers lens. Some corrections were then made.
I then tackled the multi-legged parts in the same way. Very surprisingly, the video decoder chip (IC1), was dead easy. Any solder bridges were cleared with some braid and then re- checked with the lens.

As most parts had to be ordered in multiples and I had bought two PCB's from Frank, I have decided to build two Hedghogs.

I am now going to investigate downloading the programming software. I understood very little of the information given up thread so it doesn't bode well!
I will have a poke about and then ask some questions.

All the best
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