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Default Re: Cretinous idea - The combined volume pot and mains SW.

In times-past, when doing stuff for clients-best-unmentioned we bought a load of seriously-screened moulded 13A-to-IEC309 leads from a company called "Rendar" with the option for the foil/overbraid tied to protective-ground at either the IEC309 end, the 13A end, or both.

[Yes it was horribly expensive - think modern 'audiophile' pricing for power-leads - but it was a "Cost-plus" contract and the UK taxpayers were paying for it]

I'm sure that if you had loads of money available you could source suitable foil/braid-shielded 2-core cable for wiring modern single-pole mains-switching-pots. Or you could just redesign the audio stages to be less-sensitive below 100Hz?
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