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Default Exclusive P3 FedEx Apocalypse Restoration Advice


I have an Exclusive P3 turntable - and here's a familiar story - Fed Ex dropped it and smashed one of the parts of the glass lid. This in turn led to the broken glass rubbing and pitting the vinyl on the top of the deck. The glass needs to be replaced and the veneer needs to be stripped and polished and then the deck - which was lovingly serviced by Pioneer Japan before the journey - needs to be recommissioned.

Do you have anyone you use, who you have experience of, who you'd recommend for a job like this? it's really a cosmetic restoration job plus some light assembly work. No furniture people want it because it's too hi-fi and no hi-fi people want it because it's too furniturey. Any advice gratefully received. I'm in the south of England.
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