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Default 2W Carbon Film Resistors

Having completed a number of restorations now I'm gradually building up my stock of standard value components e.g. just sent off for some mix-and-match packs of capacitors from the BVWS Spares Dept.

When trying to retain some semblance of an authentic look with vintage radios I always like to use 2W carbon film capacitors as they are roughly the same size as the originals.

But why is it I never seem to have the correct value of resistor or the nearest equivalent. Don't know if it's Murphy’s Law, Sod’s Law or Finagle’s Law, either way it's a real nuisance.

So advice please on the best source for mixed packs of carbon film resistors covering the standard values - UK if possible? I'm also a victim of being stung for excessive p&p charges for such items!

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