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Default Re: RA17 and AR88 cost when new?

The RA17 didn't rot as quickly as a Mini. (I speak from experience: I have an RA117 - my Mini is long gone.) The RA117 doesn't drift as much either or have as much backlash in the gears - ahem. However you have to be careful with the price comparison. There is a story that Ford costed the Mini and told BMC that it wasn't possible to make it for the price.
Originally Posted by dave walsh View Post
Subjectively, in the 60's, an AR88 was generally the province of older/financially superior Amateurs and looked upon with some reverence. [Nobody ever mentioned the weight then ].
One of my school teachers was a licensed amateur. I was invited to his house to see 'the shack' (this would be the late 1960s - how times have changed) and he had an AR88D. I marvelled at this wonderous thing - it was the first communications receiver I ever saw. My forays onto the short waves were with a one-valve regen. The first thing he pointed out was the table upon which it stood. It was an antique type piece of furniture with hefty turned legs like those on billiard tables.
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