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Default Re: Elegant Seven Mk II (R&TV Acton Ltd)

Thanks for those snippets. The circuit for the Mk1 is similar but the other one looks spot on. The main differences circuit wise seem to be an aerial coupling coil in the Mk1 and neutralising components in the other. The neutralising bit seems illogical timescale wise but may have been just down to what cheap devices were available to R&TV. The actual internal layout of the Mk1 is very different too.

Mine has a real ragbag of transistors- a couple of AF117s with snipped screen leads for the mixer and first IF, then a really old looking round ended rectangular thing for the second IF followed by four GEC labelled red ones with odd S7 and the like markings in the AF stages. Someone (possibly R&TV themselves) has added a couple of 4R7 emitter resistors to the output pair. They are small WW types with one end in the PCB and the other connected in mid air to an emitter. I did find a comment somewhere online about output device failure prompting this mod when I was looking for any information.

Just in case anyone wonders about the aluminium angle in the top of the case, it's a bodge I have added to take out an upward bow which was lifting the slot in the top rear away from the flange on the rear panel which should sit in the slot to retain the panel.
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