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CV8805 Diode? 50 volt 1 amp.
Have a fistful of them somewhere left over from a big job some years ago to link all the exchange alarms in Severnside through TNS(Transmission Network Surveillance-nothing sinister, just linked the the power fail alarms to a central control point if anything went down) from the EOS Alarm unit 54's to the TNS unit. I found the drawings the other day when I was rummaging in my old case tool 23a.......

CV9507 General purpose PNP transistor TO5 case?

Hi Sparky Mike.
My first few years with BT in the late 1980's was on Trunk networks, basically analogue private wires and trunks run over FDM and PCM. It's nearly all gone now.
"Nothing is as dangerous as being too modern;one is apt to grow old fashioned quite suddenly."
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