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Default Re: Kodak Carousel slide-projector - remote-control?

Looking at the diagram I have more carefully, it appears that the focus switch was designed to short-circuit the focus motor (providing dynamic braking) in the centre (off) position. Whether this is terribly important I don't know. A couple of SPDT (changover) momentary pushbutton switches could be wired to do that, press one to focus one way, the other to focus the other way.

The 'change' buttons seem to be just normal press-to-make ones.

I have a scan (which I found on a website somewhere) of the user manual for a high-end Carousel (with a connector for an external triac to control the lamp, possibly autofocus, etc). It includes the full circuit diagram of the projector and wired remote control. If it's any use to you, PM me with your e-mail address and I can send it to you.
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