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Default Re: Hack Green hanger sale 18th October

You usually also have traders with stalls with new components, RF connectors, second hand PC/laptops, modern consumer electronic items (that you would find at car boot sale).

The bunker has a stall too (next to the display case with the Anita calculator) with surplus stuff & refreshments.
Also regular is the Stoke amateur radio stall, which can have anything from old test gear, military & amateur radios, bits of old computers and boxes of parts from scrapped equipment.

I've only seen a couple of stalls with domestic valve radios in the eight years I've been going, you sometimes have shed clearance stalls that usually have stuff we are interested in.

They were supposed to be having two sales this year, one for the surplus electronic/radio stuff & another with the militaria stuff, or course neither went ahead.

Note: the facilitates such as the cafe in the bunker are only available if you pay to go round the bunker.


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