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Default Adjusting tool for pots and IF cores

I have used plastic/fiberglass/ aluminum knitting needles for years to make adjustment tools I needed, when I didn't have the correct one, or mine broke.

Simply heat the plastic ones and shove carefully into a core, and let it cool. It will fit perfect. Be very gentle with heat and force on the cheap plastic ones.

You can sand or grind down ends on the fiberglass & aluminum ones to a flat blade screwdriver shape for pots, trimmers, etc. (Crochet hooks can work too.)

I only use the aluminum ones where the metal wont effect the tuning, as in IF cores.

I have been about 95% successful with this method.

I ran into one where the core hole was square in the ferrite, and took a tongue depressor and whittled the end down to fit. (Wooden swab shafts were too small.
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