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Default Re: Dialling Codes from Ledbury area

Originally Posted by merlinmaxwell View Post
but with modern technology, there was no loss of speech quality
We have VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) at work, bloomin' awful, delays, dropouts, poor quality, the list goes on and on. And I haven't got a proper 'phone on my bench or desk just some headphone thingy. I want my 'phone back.
You must have had 'duff' equipment/poor broadband connection. All the contacts I have over CNet these has are as good as if not better than by my copper 'Openreach'/BT line. Bear in mind that the PSTN is moving to VoIP within five years or so according to BT. I was at an internal only Openreach conference for Openreach engineers six months ago (I was a guest - I don't work for them) and it was interesting to hear how fast fibre to the premises is happening. BT are just working out exactly how the 'telephone instrument' will be provided at your house in the future.

In fact I never use my landline number, I've got several VoIP PSTN numbers and those are the ones I use. Plus they have the advantage that they ring simultaneously on my VoIP phones at home and on my mobile. Hence I don't have to pay the huge fee BT charge for the same facility!

Ian J
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