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Default Re: Tektronix 585A issues.

Went into the WS and went to familiarise myself with the connections to the CRT...hello, what's this, a wire off, well I'll be. Popped the wire back on, turned on the mains SW...BANG!! What the flegnog! Main fuse blown but all's well as it had touched the chassis being a temporary fuse holder to save on blowing big 63mm fuses. Put another in, THUMP!! Pigeon landed on the WS roof, made me jump, last thing you need is loud noises when messing with HV. Switched on, scope started, then cut off. Mains on SW now iffy, so jumpered it out. Scope finally on, trace is a good un, hoorah : )

Electronics eh, from euphoria to heart attack in 30 seconds, then embaressment for not checking the obvious. However I now need to check the scope over, neon B171 still not lit, this is the case with several neon pairs, EG one lit, tother not.

Curiosity hasn't killed this far.
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