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Default Re: My attempt at a TRF

Ok. Hers the circuit. It's basically the pentode detector that was posted in another thred with the 6v6 and associated components ripped out of one of my amp attempts.

Looking forward to recieveing the o/p transformer.

Any suggestions about the circuit?

I think thers somethign abit wrong with something. The reaction control seems to recieve weak french at both extremes of the pot but nothign in the middle. Also, after only getting one station with my PYE tuning cap, i decided to paralell it's 2nd gang that i ahvnt used. That improved thigns abit, but still only a couple of stations.

I'm using about 3-4meters of wire on a washing line as an ariel. I dont really have any more wire...yet.

The stations are very weak and have whistles. I dont quiet know what that means...maybe isntability?

Hopefully doing what you said to the earpiece will improve volume. Thanks.
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