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Default Re: My attempt at a TRF

Hello Adi,
I admire your enthusiasm, it reminds me how I used to be in 1961. You can only learn by mistakes and I cannot tell you the things I did messing around with old telly's and other electrical goodies. We used to have 15amp 2 pin sockets in our Edwardian house and it took all but a street tram to blow the fuses ! [RCD..What the hells that !]
I packed up the transformer this morning with a few valves you might find useful. The EF91, EF92, EF95 and 6X4 [EZ90] are new. The 6BW6 which is the B9A version of the octal 6V6 is used but should be ok, the 6AT6 [EBC90] and 6AU6 are similar.
You made me open up a right can of worms looking for those bits in the summer house. I have never seen so much junk and unearthed quite a number of items I didn't know I had. I was concerned that if slipped on an old tube of MS4 grease and broke my leg I would not be discovered till the New Year......If you destroy your tuning cap I noticed a couple on some old gram chassis.
Mind how you go. Regards JOHN.
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