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Default Re: My attempt at a TRF


Appart from the o/p tranny i think its pretty much finished.

I stuck a dial lamp holder on the shassis too. It doesnt really light anythgin in particular, but i suppose it's a pilot light. Since i used a 12v bulb it's got a soft orange glow and not white light.

I put some bananna sockets on the font, only to realise that they hit the tuning cap when yoy turn it. So now it has a couple of bolt heads there. They look ok, and if you didnt know you probably wouldnt guess that theyre just there to cover up holes.

The PSU fires up allright, all voltages look normal, ht at about 320v (ish).

The regen detector (6SJ7) has a 1M pot for regen control at the moment. I didnt have a 50k, but i'll stick a 50k pot and a 220k fixed resistor when i get them.

I think it's anode resistor had to be 330k, since i'm out of 220's!

I'm pretty proud of this project. I's gotto be the 1st time ever i actually wired soemthign neatly! I'll put up some pic tomorrow
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