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Default Re: My attempt at a TRF

Yeah. It would be very interasting to see the schematic and coil details.

Update on the TRF:

Bad news i'm afraid. I fired it up today, and the output transformer decided to die!

It was my only single-ended o/p tranny (appart from one in my Alba radio, but i dont want to scavange it). It came from a cheap ''cardbord'' record player (series heated el84 with heaters tapped from turntable motor) so i think it was a pretty poor quality unit.

However it did work on my amps and stuff.

It's definetly the transformer, since igt has full ht on one side and nothign on the other.

UUUUUGH it was goign so well.

Oh, well.

This is when a high impeadence earpiece would have come in handy. With one of them i would have been able to test the radio regardless of o/p transformer being dead.

Hey...isnt a high impeadence earpiece just a piezo-electric speaker? Thesame as found in cheap toys and alarm clocks? I have some of them...
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