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Default Re: My attempt at a TRF

Oh, yeah. Baking trays are great as shassis's.

The best ones by far are aluminium ones. The 1st shassis i made was made out of an aluminium loaf tin. It's great. Easy to file into perfect holes to fit valves.

However, to my great dispair, wilkos have turned allt heir bakign trays into sheet steel! It's absolutly horrible to work with. Files dont cut it, they just bend it. It's thin, flimsy, and snaps too easily. When cutting the valve holes, i had to resort to ripping it with needle-noses!

The only other place that sells aluminium baking tins is the Cooking Shop, but i REALLY dont want to pay 16.99 for a baking tin! Wilkos do them for 4.49. But why did they switch to steel

I suppose the people at Wilkos must think i'm a very strange person. A person with a big leather coat long hair and big leather boots that buys 20m of doorbell cable and a baking tray every few days.


Ok, i'm nearly done wiring everything.

One question. is it possible to control the 6V6's volume by controlling the voltage on the 2nd grid? Thesame way as ''reaction'' control is achieved by controllign the pentodes 2nd grid? That way i dont have to put any pots in the AF signal path, which means less wiring which is good for stability and generally good.
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