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Default Re: Project Launch at Amberley Museum

Just been at the launch today at Amberley, my first visit there, helping out for a bit. It rained at the outset but soon cleared up and the stand seemed to get a very good throughput of visitors. It was a good show with lots of stuff for the kids and adults to do and see. Following a model train round a track on a camera with vintage inverted viewfinder, using a proper, working 1965 Pye camera and admiring the iconic 1959 Pye with the four lens turrets on the front.
Anyway, all credit to Brian and the crew for a superb display and a very professional public launch for the project. A lot of visitors ended up spending quite a time with the MCR21 crew asking very good questions.
Looking forward to seeing how the refurbishment progresses once the OB truck goes off to the specialists for mechanicals to be sorted.
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