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Default Project Launch at Amberley Museum

Next Friday to Sunday we shall be holding an exhibition to officially launch the MCR21 restoration project at the Amberley Chalk Pits Museum. The 16th to 18th August

If your in the south next weekend we would be pleased to see you. Oh and the Amberley museum is well worth a visit in its own right.

Rather than write a lot here some Links to more information. Links:-



Broadcast Television Technology Trust

MCR21 story on BBC website

Brian Summers video explaining the work to be done

BBC Outside Broadcast Van MCR21 is the property of the Trust which is a registered charity. MCR21 played a part in BBC outside broadcasting and it will be restored back to it's 1963 condition to bring the history of the time and the memories of those who worked in it to life. We have received partial funding from the National Lottery for this and it is planned to secure MCR21 for the future as a national asset.
Regards Brian

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