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I've long since had an idea for a tool that will do exactly what you're talking about. If I had access to a lathe I think I could easily make one.

The idea is simple - I'm sure most of you guys are familiar with the concept of a panel pin pusher? It's a spring loaded rod inside a tube that you load with a panel pin (small nail), and then push the plunger, and therefore the panel pin, into the job.

Ok - so imagine, the reverse. Instead of pushing a plunger that is inside the tube, the tube is pushed over the plunger - it is the tube itself that is sharp and acts as a cutter. The centre plunger being sharpened like a pencil (or centre punch) to allow for precision placement, the tube then slid down over the centre plunger to cut the work-piece. With a very light spring load, the centre punch wouldn't mark the surface of something like paxolin.

I want something like this to allow me to make small washers in polystyrene "plasticard" to allow me to fabricate my own home made coils. I see no reason why, anybody with a lathe and a little patience couldn't make such a thing. The tube can be sharpened like a saw-blade or honed like a chisel - so ling as it's quite thin and the centre plunger is a very good fit, I can't see how accuracy will be an issue either

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