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Default What batteries were used in the HMV148?

The title says it all, I'd like to know what types of batteries were used in this set, the Trader sheet only states the various voltages. The LT battery lead has two 'fork' style connectors, i guess for screw connection, and the HT and GB batteries lead has five wires with wander plugs attached. the two battery compartments are fairly big. Voltages marked are as follows:

HT+2 114V
HT+1 60V
HT-/GB+ Common connection
GB-2 4.5V or 3V (depending on PT2 (V3) It's 3V for mine)
GB-1 1.5V

LT+ 1.5V I'm assuming anyway it's not marked

As this is the oldest set i own i may also be interested in getting some reproduction batteries made for this set when I've finished repairing it. Any other information on this subject greatly received.

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