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Default Re: Kolster Brandes RV 10 (Crown)

Thanks for all the guidance gents! Here are some observations so far.

1. No arc can be drawn from the top cap of the PL81.

2. Resistance checks from the top cap of the PL81 and PY83 to chassis is about 2M Ohms, cap to cap about 10 Ohms.

3. Voltage from boosted side of boost cap is 235v. Removing the U26 makes no difference.

4. Pin 8 PL81 is at about 180v and the screen resistor R68 (4.7k in the book) mine measures 7K.

I left the set on for 10 mins to see if the LOPT was getting warm but the PL81 was definitely 'red plating' so I switched off! The LOPT remained cool despite being grilled from the PL81..

I shall carry on prodding when time permits. Watch this space.

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